Ella Kurz

I love words. Especially when they’re written down. Once they’re written, they work magic. They can be embroidered into a delicate word quilt, they can cover us over in a sky of glistening star words. They can make their reader feel understood, perhaps for the first time. They can bend their readers’ minds into new growth. And they can show their reader what a better world might look like.

On this site I post words that have worked those magics on me. Poems, snippets of fiction and non-fiction.

There are also links to where my own words can be found.

Ella Kurz is a midwife, researcher and feminist living on Ngunnawal Country, Australia. She co-edited the anthology ‘What We Carry: Poetry on Childbearing’, authored ‘My Mother is a Midwife’ and received a special mention in The Bruce Dawes National Poetry Prize 2021.